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A high speed chase against the dark forces of the universe. Boost through space as you outrun the galactic beast that creeps up on you. Arcade inspired insane visuals. Procedurally generated space exploration at an insanely high velocity. Descend into madness as the further you journey, the more demonic and horrifying the galaxies become. 

This was a university project made by Sean Simon, Aryeh Zinn, Rob Romano, and Alex Leydon.

//  How to play:


The beast is gaining up on you at all times. Boost through the green rings to outrun it. Collect little floating green rocks for a bonus boost. Avoid all red obstacles. They will slow you down. 

You will notice asteroids with blue bubbles around them. When you enter the blue bubble (without hitting the asteroid), a 'CHARGED' symbol will appear. Press your Boost key to activate the boost. Too soon or too late and you won't get that boost.

Getting multiple boosts in a row will increase your combo. A high combo will get you a massive score.



  • W/A/S/D = Move
  • Mouse1 = Boost


  • LThumb = Move
  • Button1 = Boost


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